Avaya Digital Phone
  • Model No: 1408 Avaya Digital Phone
  • Category: Telecommunication and Postal Servicess
  • Keywords: Digital Phones, Avaya Digital Phone, Ip Phones, Analog Phones
  • Manufacturer Name: Avaya
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹7,500


The 1408 Avaya Digital Phone is designed for everyday users like cubicle workers, sales staff and managers; on the Avaya IP Office phone systems. Avaya has shifted the 1400 series digital phones to a global form factor. Global phones also have the English language text removed from the faceplate; and use icons to communicate button functions and fixed features such as: message, menu, headset, mute, and speaker. The Avaya 1408 digital phone is for telephone users who rely on several comms forms, such as voice and email. The 1408 delivers a productivity enhancing business phone, for sales staff and call centre workers with Avaya phone systems. Large capacity contacts list and call log that enhances productivity and allow for personalisation. Fixed feature buttons include four way nav cluster, volume up/down, mute, speaker, headset, menu, phone application, hold, conference, transfer, drop, contacts, call log, redial and quick access voicemail. Desk or wall mountable, with optional wall mount adaptor. The phone’s streamlined industrial design, reflects its function as a true business class comms device. Offers clear, clean audio that will more than satisfy the most discerning users. It is also perfect for the everyday phone users, for whom a phone is one of the critical pieces of their comms needs. The three line by 24 character display, is white backlit for easier viewing in all lighting conditions.