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Pulsed Electric Field Equipment for Food Processing
  • Model No: PEF
  • Category: Engineering Goods and Equipment
  • Keywords: PEF, Pulsed Electric Field
  • Manufacturer Name: SureView Instruments
  • Packing size: Panel 1 : L 42" X W 28" X H 36" Weight : 100Kg with wooden Box Panel 2 : L 26" X W 21" X H 22" Weight : 50Kg with wooden Box
  • Price: ₹1,500,000


We manufacture High Voltage Pulsed Electric Field Generators for various applications that include production machines such as for Food processing, or research equipment such as for selective extraction of intracellular components from micro-algae (Nannochloropsis). Electroporation, or electro-permeabilization means forming pores in the cell membrane gently using pulses of electric field for a very short duration. The SureView Pulsed Electric Field Generator is available for this very purpose. The idea is to puncture the cell so that the intracellular molecules leak out without squashing. This method helps immensely in food processing, e.g. for making French fries, it helps reduce oil uptake and improves quality. It helps in cold brewing of coffee by extracting without any damage to the ingredients. Food products that are made with PEF have a longer shelf life without much use of preservatives. Since application of pulsed electric field (PEF) causes a microbial cell lysis, it is of immense importance in renewable fuel research involving microalgae. Utilizing PEF technology results in 90% of the cells being lysed and enhancement in the rate of lipid recovery using ethyl acetate. The four stages in production of fuels from algae are – a. Algae growth, b. Harvesting of Algae, c. Lipid extraction & d. Catalytic conversion of lipids to bio-fuels. PEF is the best way to conduct lipid extraction without the need of long solvent-algae exposure times. You can use Pulsed Electric Field equipment to effectively retain the fresh-like quality of your organic products (both liquid and solid) and enable better food preservation without high-temperature pasteurization. Save costs on heating and cooling. Pulsed electric field processing is a non-thermal, low temperature, non-chemical, and low impact technique that does not require substantial energy spending or extended residence time. With Pulsed Electric Field technology, you can attain pore induction within microseconds. This way, you can process natural cells rapidly, yet safely, and preserve their core organic qualities, plus nutritional value. You can gain higher yields when processing fresh produce (fruit/vegetables) and extracting liquids (oils/coffee), without causing any underlying damage to valuable sub-components such as proteins, enzymes and antioxidants. Deliver fine-grade products at a lower cost, using PEF generators. Standard liquid-solid separation, powered by enzymatic maceration, requires 30-60 minutes of residence time, plus tanks for holding juices. Pulsed electric field treatment at 3kJ/kg is comparable to enzymatic treatments, yet comes with no residence time. Juice yields become higher at 10kJ/kg. What’s more — Pulsed Electric Field processing does not lead to depolymerization or de-esterification of hydrocolloids. Meaning, as a manufacturer, you can also extract native structured pectin from the apples, for instance, thus further reducing waste! Other benefits of using Pulsed Electric Field technology: Faster drying of foodstuffs - Minimize production time and costs by significantly improving the drying conditions of your products without causing dry crusting. Using the right-sized pulsed electric field equipment, you can: Reduce potato drying times by up to 30% Significantly cut down energy usage due to faster moisture transport Diminish the numbers of both pathogens and spoilage organisms in dried meats Gentle, yet efficient food treatments - Harmful micro bacteria, sub-production of off-flavor compounds, mechanical produce damage, and undesirable electrolytic reactions are persistent issues in food processing. Thanks to their underlying technology, PEF generators can be configured to apply consistent treatments to various food types and liquids to selectively inactivate unwanted microorganisms. Pulsed electric field pasteurization can reduce spoilage and eliminate bacteria in skim milk, whole milk, and yogurts, among other dairy products. Extend shelf-life, prevent color change, and preserve original textures in juices, while remaining compliant with relevant food regulations. Eliminate lactic acid bacteria production during citrus processing to maintain super flavor and color.

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