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PC based Automatic Test Equipment as per IEC 62133 for Short & Thermal Abuse of Lithium-Ion Cells & Batteries.
  • Model No: ATE-Bat-62133-2
  • Category: Industrial Automation
  • Keywords: Battery Test Equipment, IEC 62133
  • Manufacturer Name: SureView Instruments
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  • Price: ₹2,500,000


The ATE is suitable to perform: Tests as per IEC 62133-2 1. External Short for Cell as per Clause No. 7.3.1 2. External Short for Battery as per Clause No. 7.3.2 3. Thermal Abuse as per Clause No. 7.3.4 We have coupled the 3 clauses in single ATE because the material required for these three is mostly common. The system consists of: · Heating Chamber with temperature control to set the temperature between ambient and 150°C. The temperature can be maintained within ± 3°C of set value. There will be a PID controller to maintain the temperature within ± 3°C. It is built with double-wall stainless steel heavy duly sheet to withstand the explosion of the battery, if there is any. The arrangement will be made to accommodate 5 Nos. Batteries or Cells with shorting arrangement. Exhaust blower of ¼ HP will be provided at top of the chamber. · Shorting arrangement for 5 Nos. battery with resistance of 80mO ±20mO. · Temperature sensor with transmitters 16 Nos. for monitoring battery/Cell temperature. · Temperature Programmer: This is for clause No. 7.3.4; the temperature will be increased as per program. · Computer System: Windows 10 PC with custom-made Testware in NI LabVIEW for automation · Interface Module: This is a data acquisition system with connection to PC using Ethernet. It is suitable for use with proper voltage/current spike and surge immunity. The test system will be housed in extruded aluminum channels. The PC based Application software will have the following features: The complete recipe can be edited and maintained with the supervisor or administrator login All the test procedures will be fully automatic as per the IEC and the sequence will be conducted by the software automatically There will be 3-level user management system with password protection. The user-level will be given limited permissions as set by the administrator. The supervisor level will have access to edit test recipes. The administrator will have all rights and will be able to give/restrict the rights of other users. The software will be customized to generate test reports in your format. Our software engineer will work on customizing the software for a limit of 20 days as per the customization requested by in you at the time of order or inspection. The reports will be in HTML/Word format and there will be a facility to email reports to designated email addresses. The software will have an auto-calibration facility for all settings and readings. Other features: We will provide Android as well as iOS Apps so the supervisor can securely monitor the operation remotely from anywhere using his mobile internet. We will provide a web dashboard to monitor operations securely using any browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari All the test results can be uploaded to your Microsoft Azure Cloud account. The equipment will be calibrated from ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

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