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Statex Electronics

Street Address: E-49 SIDCO Industiral Estate, Kurichi

City: Coimbatore

Province/State: Tamil Nadu

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: STATEX ELECTRONICS, a Coimbatore based company, is well known for its sophisticated high quality textile testing instruments. From its very inception, Statex has put massive efforts to satisfy the needs of textile industry. It is manufacturing more than 30 types of cotton and yarn testing instruments. Statex is well equipped with latest electronic and mechanical manufacturing facility to meet the international standards.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

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Office Location: Tamil Nadu

Electronic Yarn Twist Tester
  • Category: Testing Equipment and Machines
  • Keywords: yarn twist tester, yarn twist tester machine, electronic yarn twist tester
  • Manufacturer Name: Statex
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹129,000


Electronic Twist Tester determines the yarn twist in single yarns plied yarns. It works on the principle of untwist and twist methods. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: The unique designtwin tensioner makes it possible to apply variable tension for single yarn and constant tension for plied yarns from one single tensioning device. Stainless steel jaws provided with spring and special grip pad for easy operation and better grip. Auto stops after completion of test. Specimen length can be adjustable up to 20 inches. Test result in TPI(or) TPM is directly displayed by LED display unit. Minimum number of control switches for easy operation. Silent DC motor with step less speed adjustment from 200 to 2000 RPM.