• Category: Industrial Fire Fighting and Safety Equipments
  • Keywords: CO2 Fire Protection System , Transformer Protection, Sub- Station and Paint Booth Protection, Electric and Server room Protection, Fire Extinguishing Systems, UL Listed Fire Protection
  • Manufacturer Name: Swastik Synergy Engineering Pvt Ltd
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  • Price: ₹125,000


High pressure CO2 system is a specialized fire extinguishing system designed to store carbon dioxide at a pressure of 850psig (at 21° C) in high strength alloy steel cylinders. The cylinders contain the CO2 required to protect the largest single hazard. On large hazards where several cylinders are required, a manifold is used and several cylinders are connected to manifold by means of hoses and valves. Cylinder valves control the CO2 flow to the hazard through properly sized pipe, terminating in nozzles that apply the CO2. Flow rate is controlled by nozzle orifices as well as pipe sizes. The cylinder master valves are electronically operated and the slave valves are pressure actuated. The master valves can be automatically and/or manually operated.