Vertical Autoclave
  • Model No: HLT-VA
  • Category: Laboratory Equipment and Lab Testing Equipment
  • Keywords: Vertical Autoclave
  • Manufacturer Name: Hi-Tech Lab Solutions
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹75,000


1. Vertical Autoclave is specially designed pressure vessels to process parts & materials which require exposure to elevated pressure & temperature. 2.The unit is available with capacity ranging from 27 to 1000 Litres. 3. Fully made out of thick and rigid S.S. 304 sheet. 4.Heater attached at the bottom for safety while operating. 5.Solenoid controlled pressure regulation of autoclave. 6. Foot operated level for effortless opening of lid. 7. S.S. thick lid with two safety valve and one vacuum valve. 8. PID temperature controller for precise monitoring. 9. Water safety level cut-off system.