Responsible Driver and Road User Program
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Not lack of skills, but wrong behaviours & attitudes (wrong culture) cause most traffic crashes. Managing behaviours and attitudes, is CENTRAL to issue of managing safety on roads. Sane Driving OPC Private Limited" is the only company that Conducts workshops on Civic Safe & Responsible Road Behaviors for All road users ages 14 and above, And conducts workshops on Responsible enforcement for Traffic Police persons. It also helps advocate for responsible policy and design Recommended by many, including Delhi Traffic Police, BSF, SSB & Maruti-Suzuki among others, Sane Driving workshops, creatively engage participants to help them SELF-DIRECT to adopt Civic, Safe & Responsible road behaviors, as a driver, as a passenger, a road user OR as member of Law Enforcement, to be a role model for others to follow RESPONSIBLE DRIVER / PASSENGER/ROAD USER WORKSHOPS: A workshop can, help save lives, create a responsible community and help to look at the problem from civic angle. 1. For Schools: Not lack of skills, but wrong behaviours & attitudes cause most accidents and there isn’t any two wheeler driver education. What we practice as adolescents (15-25) is what we become as adults. 2. For Employers: With highest fatality, and crippling injury rates in most productive age group 15-45, and no two wheeler driver education, a few hours spent on the workshop could help prevent crashes , injuries & save families, create a responsible community. 3. For Drivers and Staff of Public Transport: Large number of Indian Population travels/commutes through public transport for several hours a day. Their experience in travel affects productivity and morale. There are expectations from Society and responsibility towards it. Done properly with Vision and Policy; Drivers and Staff can make life in a city a joy.

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