Responsible Enforcement Program for Traffic Police
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Not lack of skills, but wrong behaviours & attitudes (wrong culture) cause most traffic crashes. Managing behaviours and attitudes, is CENTRAL to issue of managing safety on roads. Sane Driving OPC Private Limited" is the only company that Conducts workshops on Civic Safe & Responsible Road Behaviors for All road users ages 14 and above, And conducts workshops on Responsible enforcement for Traffic Police persons. It also helps advocate for responsible policy and design Recommended by many, including Delhi Traffic Police, BSF, SSB & Maruti-Suzuki among others, Sane Driving workshops, creatively engage participants to help them SELF-DIRECT to adopt Civic, Safe & Responsible road behaviors, as a driver, as a passenger, a road user OR as member of Law Enforcement, to be a role model for others to follow RESPONSIBLE ENFORCEMENT PROGRAM/WORKSHOPS for Traffic Police: Traffic is the SOUL OF A CITY and if managed properly, it makes commuting safe and living in the city, a joy, else a misery. Through the program, Sane Driving endeavors to convey and help Traffic Police that: 1. Especially in India, Traffic Police have a job at hand, which is much more important, than what is traditionally thought. Properly Managed traffic, is first step to Democracy, which displays fairness in the system, and prevalence of ONE RULE for all, on daily bases, unambiguously. 2. When motivated through self-directed behaviors, Traffic Police persons are an asset to Democracy and to Enforcement. 3. When motivated intrinsically, Traffic Police-persons are most likely to be engaged, display pro-social behaviors, are creative to new situations, and are effective on the job. Road Traffic reflects the soul, the pulse of a city, and affects every one of us daily for several hours. Driving is a Social Norm before it is commute, and this is the only place where we interact with entire cross section of society as a ritual, every day. How we interact or drive through traffic each day, is a reflection of our society; its values and its beliefs. Home to most road crashes in the world, India has some of the worst road behaviors resulting in crashes and results in mistrust with fellow citizens. Whereas, managing the traffic is an interplay of many things including road design, infrastructure, number of vehicles, driver training, licensing signage, enforcement etc, YET, Sane Driving believes, managing behaviors and attitudes, is CENTRAL to issue of managing traffic in India. For Traffic Police: ENFORCEMENT WITH A PURPOSE: Managing Traffic is managing Democracy. To be effective, it is necessary to understand problems on roads typical of India. Traffic Police has a job that requires a unique Vision and Purpose. (a) Rights & Responsibilities: Civic, Safe & Responsible Road Behaviours help us recognize rights and responsibilities towards fellow citizens as a ritual each day. Managed with a Vision, Civic, Safe & Responsible behaviours in traffic, pave way for Mass Education (Civic), Social Cohesion; and help make living in a city, a joy. (b) Responsible Enforcement: The Sane Driving Program helps Traffic Police understand the value of their work from Civic / Social angle, helps understand how values & beliefs contribute to reckless behaviours, challenges them to look for ways they never did earlier, giving them Purpose on their job, they never had before.

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