• Model No: AB-05
  • Category: Pollution Control Equipment
  • Keywords: air pollution control device air purification system ambient air purifier air purifier
  • Manufacturer Name: zylm energy private limited
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹1,000,000


Zylm Energy has devised a method to protect the general population from the dangers of dirty air. The remedy is as effective as any non-eco friendly product while being entirely environmentally friendly. The product in question is called Air Bin, and it is available online. Let’s learn more about this product and the tasks it performs to keep us safe from the dangers of poor air quality. Designed to give clean air to the city, Airbin is a next-generation, multi-function outdoor device that has an automated control system and can be accessed from a distant location. The unit is ready to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the automated air quality index monitoring system. The unit cleans the air from particulates as small as PM 20 to PM 2.5. The device is weatherproof and fully automated. The unit has an IOT-based unit for fine monitoring.