Ultrasonic Immersible Pads
  • Model No: SUC-IP-1000
  • Category: Ultrasonic Equipment
  • Keywords: Ultrasonic Box, Ultrasonic Pads, Immersible Ultrasonic pads
  • Manufacturer Name: Supersonics
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹180,000


Power Input :- (a) 230 V, 50Hz Single phase AC supply (b) 415 V, 50 Hz Three-phase AC supply 2. Ultrasonic Frequency Range:- 20 KHz to 40 KHz 3. Ultrasonic Power:- 250 watts to 2400 watts 4. Application:- Electroplating Industry, Automobile Industry, Watch Industry etc. Options & Accessories 1. Customized Tank 2. Lid (Manual or semi-automatic) 3. Customized Basket 4. Can be programmed through PLC for auto functioning when incorporated in any multistage cleaning tank line. We are an esteemed exporter, manufacturer, and supplier of an exclusive range of Ultrasonic Immersible Pads in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. From the title we come to know that the unit can be used for Immersion purposes. In this, the transducers are enclosed in a leakproof stainless steel casing and are immersed in the tank containing the cleaning solution. These units are popular in industries where continuous online cleaning takes place as also where the jobs are huge and the tanks for accommodating these jobs are large ones. In such huge job cases, the number of transducers to be bonded to the tank is also more in-order to achieve precision cleaning.

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