• Category: C Distributor and Dealer
  • Keywords: TNC Switch all range available 1 pole, 2 pole 3 pole 4 pole etc.
  • Manufacturer Name: KAYCEE INDUSTRIES LTD
  • Packing size: 1 NOS
  • Price: ₹680


Kaycee Rotary Switches have been engineered with reliable design especially to meet the requirements of latest concept for switching technology in control engineering and thus offer complete design flexibility to assemble complex switching program. These are guarantee for optimum performance and meet with latest industrial application. Also backed by the industries most knowledgeable and responsive engineering and customer service professionals. Assembled on packet principle with choice of four position and multi pole circuits. The superior engineering materials and manufacturing processes for rotary switch components ensure reliable electrical endurance for safer operation and used for longer life. The high grade engineering plastics for the components ensure greater mechanical strength. Features:- • Design assembled on packet • principle Air break type Wiping contact • Make before break contact • 90° angle of throw • Panel & base mounting • Unwanted position blocked when specified. • With high grade thermo plastics with excellent electrical properties