Plant Based Loofah
  • Category: Personal Care
  • Keywords: Plant Based Loofah
  • Manufacturer Name: Posh Ayurveda
  • Packing size: 1 pc
  • Price: ₹95


BENEFITS • Very gentle on skin • Enhanced lather & good exfoliation of dead cell. • Prevents hair ingrowth • Unlike regular loofah,no plastic abrasion on skin • Gentle yet effective,unlike cloth scrubbers that are not fibrous enough to exfoliate. MAINTENANCE • When unused,store in a dry place. • After using,clean thoroughly with water and hang to dry. • If left in wet state for prolonged period,loofah can develop microbial growth. • Do NOT use with Bath Ubtans. • Use only with Soap. • Bath Ubtans are self cleansing & exfoliating.