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  • 99XXXXXX61
  • Model No: MT 133 (AC)
  • Category: Chemical Supplies
  • Keywords: STP/ ETP Water Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Manufacturer Name: STP/ ETP Water Plant Chemicals Manufacturer
  • Packing size: 50 Kg
  • Price: ₹170


Coagulant is a chemical agent used to induce coagulation or flocculation in water or wastewater treatment processes. It is employed to promote the aggregation of fine particles or colloidal substances into larger clumps, called flocs. Coagulants help in the removal of suspended solids, turbidity, and certain dissolved substances from the water, making it easier to separate them through settling or filtration. They work by neutralizing charges on the particles, allowing them to come together and form larger, easily removable particles.

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