Hand Sheet Former (SEMI AUTOMATIC)
  • Model No: STIPL/HSF-SA
  • Category: Electrical Testing and Measuring Equipment
  • Keywords: Analysers & Testers, Digesters, Furnaces, Ovens & Kilns, Laboratory Equipment & Supplies, Machine Knives & Blades, Measuring Instruments & Gauges, Meters, Paper & Pulp Mill Equipment & Accessories, Test Chambers, Disc Refiner
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  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹500,000


The KCL type hand sheet former to produce the square OR rectangular sheet in Laboratory under uniform condition and it is prepared from suspensions of pulp sheet former dewatering vessel gives a constant flow across the entire wire through drainage chamber thus permitting extremely uniform, , the sheets are used to determine physical properties of the sheet for further test.