Rose Water Skin Toner
  • Model No: Blush-01
  • Category: Essential Oils and Aromatics
  • Keywords: rose water skin toner, rose water toner, rose water toner for face, gulab jal for face
  • Manufacturer Name:
  • Packing size: 100 ml
  • Price: ₹350


The Rose Water Skin Toner- we bring to you the richness and luxury of the queen of flowers. Harvested directly from the extremely rare Chettri Rose (Light Pink Rose), our rose water boasts of all the grandeur which comes with its parent species. The most luscious flowers with buds full of nectar are handpicked for the steam distillation process in a giant distillator, giving birth to the traditional ark - our fresh Rose Blush. With natural goodness, Rose Blush works greatly as a skin toner and hydrator. Just spray a good amount of Blush Rosewater Skin Toner on your face and experience the rejuvenation, leaving you with soft, supple and hydrated skin.