Gi-TAGGED Hand Knotted Kashmiri Carpets
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Kashmiri hand-knotted carpets hold a strong claim to being among the world's finest, The story of Kashmiri hand-knotted carpets, also known as "Kal baffi," is a rich tapestry (pun intended) interwoven with centuries of tradition and artistic excellence. Kashmiri hand-knotted carpets were awarded a GI tag (Geographical Indication) in June 2016 for several key reasons: * Protection of Reputation and Heritage: The GI tag safeguards the unique identity and legacy of Kashmiri carpets. It ensures that only carpets genuinely hand-knotted in Kashmir using traditional techniques and materials can be labelled as such. This combats imitations that may not possess the same quality or cultural significance. * Consumer Confidence and Transparency: The GI tag acts as a mark of authenticity for consumers. With a GI tag, you can be assured you're purchasing a genuine Kashmiri carpet, not a machine-made replica or one made elsewhere. This transparency fosters trust between buyers and artisans. * Economic Empowerment: By recognizing the distinct quality and origin of Kashmiri carpets, the GI tag can potentially boost their market value. This can benefit Kashmiri weavers and the overall carpet industry, leading to better economic opportunities. * Preservation of Craft: The GI tag can act as an incentive for younger generations to preserve this traditional art form. Knowing their work will be recognized and valued can encourage them to take up carpet weaving and keep the craft alive. In essence, the GI tag protects the reputation of Kashmiri carpets, empowers consumers with knowledge, and strengthens the Kashmiri carpet industry as a whole.?

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