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Grease Essentials

Street Address: Villa 17, Pocket 1, AWHO, Vasant Vihar, Billamaranahalli, Jakkur Hobli,

City: Bangalore

Province/State: Karnataka

Country: India

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Business Details: Therapeutic skincare products. Third party manufacturing. White labelling of skincare and haircare products.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Skincare, haircare, cosmetic,beauty, personal care, third partyy manufacturing, third party, white labelling, bulk manufacturing, bulk order

Office Location: Karnataka

Bluoilz Neem & Tulsi Anti Pigmentation Anti Acne Face Mask -  200gm
  • Model No: BL-NTFM-200
  • Category: Beauty and Healthcare Products
  • Keywords: Neem tulsi face mask, Anti-acne face mask, Anti-pigmentation mask, Neem and tulsi skincare, Natural face mask, Herbal acne treatment, Tulsi anti-acne mask, Neem skin care product, Pigmentation reducing mask, Acne-fighting face mask, Clear skin mask, Organic face mask for acne, Neem tulsi acne remedy, Tulsi pigmentation treatment, Ayurvedic face mask for blemishes
  • Manufacturer Name: Gretas' Essentials
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹599


Our Bluoilz Neem & Tulsi Face Mask harnesses the potent synergy of Neem and Tulsi, delivering centuries-old healing properties in a modern skincare solution. This detoxifying blend purifies, soothes, and hydrates, providing a natural remedy for skin health and radiance. Infused with active botanicals, it deeply cleanses pores, banishing impurities for a fresher, brighter complexion. Gentle yet effective, our mask suits all skin types, offering spa-like rejuvenation at home. Experience the transformation as your skin becomes refreshed, youthful, and luminous. Say farewell to dullness and congestion, and welcome the glow of healthier, clearer skin.