Gravity Fall Metal Separator
  • Model No: TGFMD
  • Category: Food Processing Machinery
  • Keywords: metal separator, gravity feed metal detector, free fall metal detector, powder metal detector, spice metal detector, bulk drug metal detector,
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  • Price: ₹185,000


Target Gravity Feed Metal Detector And Automatic Separator are Designed for detection and separation of metal impurities like ferrous, Non ferrous and Stainless Steel metals from free falling bulk materials, granulates, powders, plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and any other free flowing products. Target Gravity feed Metal Detection ensures of detection and rejection of metal contaminants from free falling bulk materials without interruption of production. Available in scanning apertures from 50mm to 300mm diameters (2 to 12 inches) Our Gravity Feed Metal Separators offer maximum protection and reliable detection against all metals such as ferrous, Non Ferrous and stainless steel contaminations. There is minimal loss of good material due to a fast reacting and powerful pneumatic drive for the reject gate. TARGET GRAVITY FEED metal detection system can also be installed to inspect products such as pulps, meat slurries, jams, sauces, and dairy products. The compact design includes a rotary activated valve, inspection tube, metal detector search head, and air controls. This package can be ceiling suspended or mounted on a mobile floor stand. The control unit can be mounted either to the system frame or remotely in your plant. Specially Designed Gravity Feed Metal Detectors can also be installed to the pipeline. This system features high sensitivity, high throughput and is compact in size; it comes normally in round configurations but also available in rectangular search heads. Both the reject chute and frame are stainless steel. The inspection chute going through the metal detector is made from polypropylene, nylon, Teflon or Plastic, depending on the application. Target Gravity feed Metal Detection systems are designed to minimize system space, and product waste while insuring maximum sensitivity to all metals. The metal free product passed straight through the mechanism and diverts the ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contamination from the main flow. Systems are available in Stainless Steel casing, with a selection of pipe sizes. The Diverter Valve reject system is typically used to divert contaminated product into a reject tank. Target Gravity Feed Metal Detectors incorporates a simplified and refined design of automatic balance coil principle which eliminates all setting up controls and permits long consistent performance. Features: • High sensitivity. • Adjustable sensitivity and rejection cycling features conserve good material. • Automatic Product-Effect Compensation increases reject accuracy. • Open frame construction offers easy access to all components. • Electronics are sealed against moisture and dust • Automatic rejection of contaminated product • Compact design • Straight through flow design. No crevices or traps • Fast acting electronics • Comprehensive self diagnostic system • Reject confirmation Product Applications : • Food ingredients • Chemical & Dyes. • Spices. • Food Processing. • Pharmaceuticals. • Dough. • Plastic Pellets. • Bulk Drugs. • Namkeens. HACCP Compliance Performance Validation : Target Gravity Feed Metal Detection systems are designed according to HACCP Norms. In HACCP, metal detectors are classified as critical control points. Continuous checking is required to fulfill the standards. Operation History : Metal detections or changes in parameter settings etc. are stored in a log list stating date and time. The list can be read on the display or exported via serial port or 485. 232 Password protection : Prevents any unauthorized operation of the metal detector By using Plug In Type Cards all circuits have been miniaturized and housed on just one multilayer main board. In the unlikely case of a malfunction, most factory electricians can be able to replace the board.