FFS pouch packing Machine
  • Model No: TFFS
  • Category: Food Processing Machinery
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  • Manufacturer Name:
  • Packing size: depend upon products
  • Price: ₹1,500,000


Manufacturer and exporter of Automatic Packing Machines like Powder packing machines, Chips & Snacks Packing Machines, Granules Packing Machines, Grains & Pulses Packing machines etc. We also work closely with most machinery manufacturers and OEMS, so when selling machines we make sure that they are well serviced and maintained - this has helped build our enviable name within the industry for selling quality equipment at competitive prices. We have a wealth of knowledge, expertise and resources at our disposal and our team have the skills to offer advice and support with excellent customer care. We design our packing machines by in-house technology only. Team of qualified people to design the equipments at various levels and upon entire satisfaction of various departments, which are involved in the manufacturing equipments. Target FFS systems are highly sophisticated featuring computer interfaces and control networks. Greater speed and versatility are the major benefits of Target FFS systems for user companies. For example snack producers demand systems that have the versatility to provide fast changeover between many different packaging formats to meet growing demand for single serve packs. Here Target VERTICAL FFS is capable of creating virtually any size or shape ranging from the standard pillow pack to bags sealed on all four sides. The multiplicity of Target FFS machines employ a wide range of material types and are used across numerous markets including food, drinks, cosmetics, electronics, stationary, tobacco, chemical, medical, and pharmaceuticals. ? Ideal for all types of powders, granules and other free flowing products etc. ? Maximum filling range from 1 gms to 5 kg (with different filling systems and machines) Suitable for 3 side /4 side / center seal of pouches. ? High performance filling systems attached like auger, cups, Multi Head weighers etc. High sealing capability with mechanical/pneumatic system. ? On line coding attachments (e.g. contact, Inkjet) ? Output : 25-100 pouches/min ? This series machine is very popular, it can be integrated with various filling systems, suitable for many kinds of products. ? Continuous pull film movement ,Simple structure, Economical and practical ? Continuous motion leads to high productivity ? Lean machine concept enables cost-effective production ? Maintenance-free servo-technology ensures reliable production ? PLC controls enable precise machine movements for smooth production and good bag quality Intuitive HMI allows easy operation and short training time ? Open machine concept for easy access and maintenance ? Compact machine design for good ergonomics, product-conserving filling and saving space ? Photo-cell controlled Printing Points Tracing System ensures extremely accurate bag forming, sealing and cutting performances. ? Equipped with a product counting device. ? All components in direct contact with the product are made of stainless steel conforming to sanitary standards. ? Packing speed are adjustable. Adjustment can be made while the machine is running. ? The entire procedure from weighing, bag forming, filling and sealing to cutting and packaging is fully automatically operated. ? Machines can be made to customers' own specifications on request. Our packing machines are gaining popularity in the world. To offer ever better service to our clients, we are setting up an agent network worldwide and therefore sincerely seek for agents in various countries.