Check Weigher
  • Model No: TCW
  • Category: Machinery
  • Keywords: dynamic check weigher, online check weigher, inline check weigher, online weighing machine, weigh balance, automatic weighing machine, weigh checker,
  • Manufacturer Name:
  • Packing size: depend upon product specifications
  • Price: ₹450,000


Utilizes three separate conveyor belts to automatically verify weight on bagged, boxed or fresh product . Multiple products may be stored in the weight controller, but only one product may be verified at a given time. Product is first introduced to the infeed conveyor section in order to produce separation of product. When the product is transferred onto the weigh deck conveyor, the system gathers the product weight before transfer ring onto the exit belt. When the product is on the exit belt, it is either accepted or rejected based on the predetermined ranges set in the on-board weight controller. If the product is rejected, it will be pushed off to the side of the exit belt via a flipper or push arm reject. A check weigher is essential for any company that requires food, beverage, pharmaceutical products etc to be weighed at high speeds. Check weighers are designed to add efficiency to manufacturing, sorting, and food-processing applications. Product weight is checked to be within a preset range or target. At Rice Lake, find check weighers for many applications, environments, and processes. Target Check weigher Machines are reliable, easy to operate, high speed weighing scale, designed to allow entry of a target weight, along with selected over and under weight limits for the rapid processing of items that must be checked for conformity to a precise weight range. It may be used in stand-alone or interfaced applications. The system incorporates advanced electronic design, including a graphic over/under display, optional handheld remote keypad and serial multi-scale communications. Solid system construction holds calibration longer and more accurately. Tension and compression overload stops on load cells improve accuracy. Easy-to-read onscreen totals for over-weights and under-weights make reporting more accurate and efficient. Adjustable upper and lower limits, as well as weigh set-points. Real-time reporting tools capture important data such as total units run, average unit weight, average unit giveaway and total product giveaway. Production data output can be transmitted to any database or enterprise reporting system. Options for Conveyors, Diverting, and Sorting Standalone systems use induction conveyor and exit conveyor Integrated systems may use existing lines or a combination of existing and new conveyors Accumulation and the end of line may be powered or gravity (non-powered) Heavy-duty stainless steel construction. Easy-access wiring and load cells facilitate inspection and scale calibration. Open-frame design leaves no place for food debris and bacteria to hide or for water collect. Plug-and-play capabilities include a single power termination point and air connection for easy installation.