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CEAMA planning production of 20 million STBs

KOCHI: The Consumer Electronics and Appliances Manufacturers Association (CEAMA) today said it plans production of 20 million Set Top Boxes, keeping in mind the requirement of 77 million STBs by December 2014. 

The Association has been working with the Government in the Energy Efficient (star rating) programme, implementation of Waste of Electronic and Electronic Equipment and Digitalisation of Cable TV Network, Anirudh Dhoot, President 
CEAMA and Director Videocon said at a seminar here. 

Dhoot said CEAMA has been working with all stakeholders, particularly with the Government--both state and central to ensure that issues affecting growth are resolved. 

He also hoped Goods and Services Tax would be implemented soon and the tax system be made simpler and transparent. 

In the last two years, the economy has been sluggish due to both external and internal factors, he said. 

"Due to sluggish economy, the growth of our sector has come down substantially. The government has taken some steps to correct the situation. We are fortunate that the monsoon has been good this year. This should revive the agricultural economy and should help in the revival of the economy as a whole," he said. 

Gulu Mirchandani, Chairman and Managing Director, Mirc Electronics, in his keynote address, said rapid developments are taking place in the Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances sector. Modern retailing and traditional retailing should go hand in hand, especially as over 80 per cent turnover is from the traditional retail sector. 

Ravinder Zutshi, Deputy Managing Director, 
Samsung India stressed the need for Industry and Trade to create a win-win situation. 

P H Kurian, IT Secretary, the chief guest, said Kerala planned to bring in a comprehensive industrial policy which would give special attention to the electronics industry. 

Eric Braganza and Jose J Ponnezhath, state President DATA (Kerala) made presentations on the Industry and Trade working together for growth of the sector.