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Dabur's Dermoviva soaps continue steady growth in MENA market

DUBAI: Personal and healthcare company Dabur International's Dermoviva Soap range continues to maintain steady growth in theMENA bar soap segment which accounts for 70 percent of the region's Rs 24. 8 billion (1.5 billion dirhams) personal cleaning market, the company has said. 

Dermoviva soaps are doing considerably well and offer four variants - Antibacterial, Fairness, Moisturising and Anti-Ageing-- all of which are especially suited for the region's climate, a statement released here said. 

Dabur International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dabur India that has an overall turnover of over USD 1 billion and a market capitalisation of USD 4 billion. 

"The strong demand for our Dermoviva range of soaps shows that Middle Eastern consumers want beauty products that are both natural and complementary to their unique lifestyle and environments. 

"At Dabur International we have made it a tradition to create health and beauty products that are based on the science of nature," the statement said. 

"Our Dermoviva soaps continue our spirit of using nature's gifts to draw out the natural beauty within us all," Vivek Dhir, Chief Marketing Officer, Dabur International, said. 

Dermoviva soaps provide natural solutions to common skin problems with the help of natural ingredients such as olive, saffron, aloe vera and chamomile, the company said. 

It said the 
International Business Division headquartered in Dubai is the cornerstone of its growth strategy, delivering over 40% CAGR growth and reaching a milestone of 1 Billion Dirham only within 8 years of its existence.