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India considers investing $4.3 billion in World Bank bonds

NEW DELHI: India is considering investing $ 4.3 billion in World Bank bonds with a view to secure additional funding from the multilateral agency for infrastructure development. 

The Cabinet will tomorrow take up the proposal to allow the Reserve 
Bank of Indiato invest in bonds floated by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), a lending arm of the World Bank. 

"The RBI will subscribe to the bonds of the IBRD...This is an investment proposal, which means they will get a return on it. So it is not equity or a grant," a top 
finance ministry official told reporters here. 

India's headroom for borrowing from the World Bank is reaching the limit and investing in these bonds will widen the scope for more loans, the official said. 

"Total lending by the World Bank is coming down. By subscribing to these bonds, India will be able the 
leverage this to get larger sums of money as loans for investment in infrastructure projects. So it provides for long-term infrastructure financing in the country," the official said. 

The bonds would be of various tenures, he said, adding that the RBI can invest in certain types of institutions, including the World Bank.