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Promoting innovative ideas & entrepreneurship through incubators

New Delhi, Jan 25 (KNN)  The scheme of "Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial development of SMEs through Incubators," operational since April 2008, is one of the components of National Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme (NMCP) which emphasises the support for entrepreneurial and managerial development of SMEs through Incubators.
In fact the Government launched NMCP to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of MSME sector. Under the scheme the main task is to promote individual innovators who can become technology based entrepreneur.
The Ministry of MSME provides assistance of 75 per cent to 85 per cent of the project cost up to the maximum of 8.00 Lakh per incubatee/Idea. Each Business Incubator (BI) is expected to nurture 10 innovative ideas and seek Government assistance up to a maximum of Rs 62.25 Lakh and in addition Rs 3.78 Lakh for infrastructure and training under the scheme.
Host Institutions / Business Incubator are selected for implementing the scheme through a selection committee.  The implementing agencies may be Engineering Colleges approved by AICTE, Central / State Universities recognized by UGC and other recognized R & D and / or Technical Institutes / Centres, Development Institutes of DIP&P in the field of Paper, Rubber, Machines Tools, etc. and these selected institutions are known as Host Institutions.  These institutions have appropriate number of faculties, technical expertise and infrastructure for nurturing the new innovative ideas.
Host Institutions are exploring the new innovative ideas from the incubatees of various existing sectors and prospective entrepreneurs.  Even the students from the various streams are also participating in nurturing their new ideas through the Host Institutions as a part of their studies and carrier building.
Since inception of the Scheme, 107 BIs have been selected. Year wise progress of the scheme, “Support For entrepreneurial and managerial development of SMEs through Incubators” is:

Sl. No.


No. of HI/BI approved

No. of Ideas approved

GoI Assistance
(Rs. in crores)



































Since 2008, 370 new innovative ideas has been undertaken from the various incubatees for nurturing.  After releasing the Government fund to the Host Institutions, follow-up action is undertaken by the Ministry of MSME to ascertain the appropriate implementation of the schemes and getting their commercialization stage and there upon success stories.  Till date 89 ideas have got commercialized by the incubatees and thus this scheme is providing them opportunity in sharpening their entrepreneurship acumen. 
The few success stories are:
(a)        Incubator:  TREC-STEP, Tiruchirappalli
             Incubatee:  Mr. Arvind A Nayaran,
                                M/s Pure Tech India
             Idea :           Water – soluble coolant recovery system.
             Benefits:      New Product Developed to promote Clean and Green
                                 Mfg. Tech. Product also being exported.
Pure Tech India is a successful knowledge based venture dedicated to innovative design and manufacturing of specialty engineering equipments used for liquid pollution control incubated at TREC-STEP with the MSME support.  The company serves Engineering Automobile, Food and Petrochemical companies and Treatment plants across the country and abroad.  The company is recipient of ‘Asia’s best Incubatee Start-up award for the year 2010 and ‘Best Start-up clean Tech company of 2009’ by the Indian Science and Technology Entrepreneurs’ Parks and Technology Business Incubators Association.  This venture also achieved a turnover of Rs. 1.42 crore in the FY 2011-12 and aims at crossing Rs. 2.00 cores.
(b)       Incubator:  KIIT Technology, Bhubneswar
             Incubatee:  Mr. Kaushal Nehta
             Idea:   Gas Detection Kit – SMS Alert On Gas Leakage
             Benefits:   SMS alert on LPG Gas leakage helps prevent leakage by alerting you even                      when you are far away from the leakage place.
The incubatee has developed a kit comprising of devices for SMS alert while LPG Gas leakage occurred in domestic and commercial activities.  In the first stage proto types for the same were developed and it was tested for quality and achieved a good result to be taken for commercialization in the market.  Market has responded very positive and the incubatee has received a good feedback from them.  On getting the feedback from the market the incubatee could apply for patent.  The Kit is in vogue in the market and licensing with the industry for full commercialization is under process.
(c)        Incubator:       TREC-STEP, Tiruchirappalli
             Incubatee:     Mr. Panneerselvam and Mr. Kannappan,
                                    M/s Bharat Agro Products.
             Idea:               Tractor Mounted Pulverizer / Bio Mass Straw Combine     (Patented)
             Benefits:           Converting  Agro Cut Wastes into High Calorific input/   chips for     Bio-mass plants. Eco-friendly.
This innovative technology solution called, ‘Tractor Mounted Pulverizer’ is a fit-in system, mounted on a tractor to collect, pulverize and manufacture high calorific fuel for power plants from the cut wastes of Julie flora thorn and wastes which are presently fired in the open by farmers.  Prosopis juliflora is a highly useful fuel wood source in India and also in many other countries and a high calorific input for the bio-mass plants.  The incubatee utilizes this opportunity as an immediate market potential of nearly 2800 machines in Tamilnadu (1 machine collects approximately 5 tonnes per day) for collecting these waste and converting them into useful fuel for bio-mass power plants.  The venture has effectively started commercial production and marketing of Tractor Mounted Pulverizers to private entrepreneurs, NGOs, farmers, etc.  Its turnover was Rs. 2.5 crores.
d)         Incubator:       MITCON, Pune
             Incubatee:     Ms. Ruchita Tiwari
                                     M/s Shri Vinayak Bioteks
             Idea:               Production of Liquid Bio Fertilizers
             Benefits:        Encourage formation of resting spores or crystal for longer shelf-life  and tolerance to adverse conditions, No effect of high temperature, better survival on seeds and soil.
After attaining the training in production of micro bial inoculants at MITCON incubator, the incubatee could achieve a standard formulation under consultation of micro biologist of MITCON and technical knowhow was developed for production of liquid bio fertilizer and finally liquid bio fertilizer were produced.  The product design labelling and packaging will be standardize after receipt of manufacturing and selling license from Govt. of India.  The incubatee is also taking the assistance from the other incubatees in forming her own network.  She has collaborated with M/s. Parag Industries.