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Rajasthan textiles garner interest from Latin America and Africa

Rajasthan's textiles have garnered interest from new markets like Latin American and Africa through the state's annual textile fair, a state government official said Friday.

"The effort is in keeping with the policy of the union government to explore new markets under the focus market scheme," said Naveen Mahajan, managing director, Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO), on the second day of the 'Vastra-2013' international textile and apparel fair here.

"We are vigorously pursuing export promotion events in these non-traditional markets like Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Egypt and inviting them to Vastra was a part of that policy which has paid off."

The textile fair is jointly organised by RIICO and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).

The state government which has recently adopted a new textile policy for skill development, manufacture and export promotion expects an investment of Rs.10,000 crore over the next seven years in the sector.

Buyers from these non-traditional countries have expressed interest in Indian textiles, stating that the clothing is suited to the climate in their country.

"Since the climate in India and Uruguay is similar, we have already been getting supplies from the Indian exporters," said Adriana Anza, an entrepreneur from Uruguay on the sidelines of the event.

"Uruguay may be a small country but economically, it is very stable. Thus, we are at 'Vastra' to book orders for summer clothing."

Alisa Reid-Otaway of Panama, a buying agent, said Indian garments are known for their handwork, embroidery and other artwork all over the world.

"I have already identified cotton garments that have these creative elements and also good for Panama as it has the same climatic conditions like India," she added.

Nearly, 421 buyers have confirmed their presence from 66 countries in the textile fest this year.

Last year, business worth $61 million was facilitated through the fair. This year, it is expected to be much higher.

Business persons from more than 66 countries, including Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil, Lebanon, Slovenia, the US, Britain, Australia, Switzerland, Denmark, Egypt, Turkey, Korea, Italy and China, are visiting the event.