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Virtual Hydromet

Street Address: 1105/1, Salempur Rajputana Ind area

City: Roorkee

Province/State: Uttarakhand

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: 1105/1, Salempur Rajputana Ind area, Roorkee

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Water Level Recorder, Radar Type Water Level Recorder, Bubbler Type Water Level Recorder, River Staff Gauge, Staff Gauge, water current meter , current meter, Automatic Weather Station , Weather Station, Pocket Weather Station, Portable weather station, weather station , Rain Gauge , Digital Rain Gauge, Wireless Rain Gauge, Automatic Rain Gauge, pyranometer , 4 component Net Radiation Sensor, Visibility Sensor, pyrheliometer Sensor, sunshine recorder , Ultraviolet Sensor , Sun tracker, Solar Traker, soil moisture , soil tensiometer, Soil Infiltro

Office Location: Uttarakhand

About Us

Virtual Hydromet is in the field of manufacturing and supplying of Weather Monitoring Systems, Hydrological, Meteorological, Soil Testing, Forestry, Agro meteorological, Scientific Instruments and Data logger’s. We have a core group of engineers who have a decade of experience in Research & Development, measurement of meteorological parameters and in the design of sensors for these parameters and support systems.