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  • Member Since : 22-May-2020
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  • UAM : HR03D0003476
  • Pan : AAAGCM1945
  • GST : 07AAGCM1945D1ZO
  • No of Employee : 25
  • Turnover: 1.5 Cr. (Average)

In any construction project scenario, clients face complex issues, be it technology, infrastructure, contractor or vendor selection, quality control, cost control etc. Handling these issues skilfully lead to projects delivered on time, within budget & meeting client requirements. However, handling these issues put a huge demand on the clients’ time & skills, which could have been utilized otherwise in their core business. This is where Molethu offers professional help to clients. Using state-of-the- art project management tools and principles, we ensure that projects are planned, monitored and delivered to maximize client satisfaction. Our primary focus is our clients’ needs and we work to deliver projects on time and within budget. ...


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  • Company Name : Molethu PMC Pvt Ltd
  • Member Since : 22-May-2020
  • Address: Molethu PMC Pvt Ltd No.29, Block-V, Eros Garden, Charmwood Village, Surajkund
  • City: Faridabad
  • Country: India
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  • Website: www.molethu.com