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  • Member Since : 12-May-2021
  • Nature of Business : Service Sector
  • UAM : UDYAM-HR-03-0001683
  • Pan : NA
  • GST : NA
  • No of Employee : NA
  • Turnover: 500000000

Since 2011 INTELLITEST SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED are providing solutions in the field of civil engineering for geotechnical, geophysical, pavement, structural and material testing equipment, field & laboratory testing and consultancy. We also provide geotechnical and structural monitoring instruments for health monitoring and diagnostic of dams, tunnels, bridges, buildings, over ground & underground mines and large construction sites on short term and long term monitoring. Our experts organise training session to educate the community and introduce the latest & innovations in the respective field. We have stock of large number of resource which we provide on rental. It’s the easiest way to explain user the features, easy operation, main...


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