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Street Address: Flat No:- Plot no 101, 102, Building:- Bright tool, Road/Street:- 25, Village/Town:- Sanjay colony, Block:- Sec 23, City:- Faridabad


Province/State: Haryana

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: 1) Arpa Pattern, 2) Disa Pattern, 3) Sinto Pattern, 4) Koyo Pattern, 5) Foundry Pattern and Corebox, 6) Aluminum patterns, 7) Cast iron foundry Patterns for High Pressure Molding Line Pattern (HPML), 8) Knuckle Disa Pattern, 9) Flywheel housing Pattern,10) Cylinder Head pattern and corebox, 11) Cylinder Block pattern and corebox, 12) Water pump body pattern and corebox, 13) PDC Dies, 14) High Pressure Die Casting Dies 15) VMC machine Job work, 16) Prototype Casting in Grey, SG Iron and Brass and also provides 17) Sand Casting simulation, 18) Gravity casting simulation, 19) Casting simulation services to our customers

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Foundry Patterns and corebox, vmc machine job work, die casting dies, prototype sample, Arpa Disa Sinto Koyo Moulding Line Patterns, PDC Dies, Spare parts

Office Location: Haryana

About Us

We manufacture foundry tools like 1. arpa moulding line Pattern, 2. Disa moulding line Patterns, 3. Sinto moulding line Pattern, 4. Koyo moulding line Pattern, 5. Disa Machine pattern, 6. Cold Corebox, 7. Foundry Patterns and Corebox, 8. Aluminium pattern, 9. Cast iron foundry Pattern, 10. Die Casting Dies, 11. PDC Dies, 12. Casting Simulation Services, 13. Sand Casting Simulation, 14. Gravity Casting Simulation, 15. VMC job work  16. Prototype casting, 17. Spare parts, 18. Aluminium corebox, 19. Cylinder head Pattern and corebox, 20. Cylinder block pattern and corebox, 21. Water pump body pattern and corebox, 22. knuckle pattern, 23. Flywheel Pattern and corebox