About Us

  • Member Since : 19-Feb-2023
  • Nature of Business : Service Sector
  • UAM : UDYAM-KR-22-0015838
  • Pan : Alvpm9461f
  • GST : 29ALVPM9461F2Z9
  • No of Employee : 3
  • Turnover: 800000

SLV SCIENTIFIC SUPPLIES is a leading promotion and distribution company that specializes in providing laboratory chemicals, biochemicals, glassware, plasticware, lab consumables, ultra-high-purity solvents for instrument analysis, headspace-grade solvents, ULC/MS buffers, liquid handling products, organic and inorganic standards, and laboratory equipment for various fields of science, such as biotechnology, microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, and nanotechnology. The company has established a reputation for itself as a trustworthy partner to renowned brands in India. With a strong focus on quality products and excellent customer service, SLV SCIENTIFIC SUPPLIES has become a symbol of growth in the industry. The company looks forward to...