Technical & Commercial Profile of the Company  

  • We are Designers & System-Integrators in the field of Solar Rooftop Projects (From 1 kW to 100 kW)

  • We are designers and suppliers of Solar PV Water Pumping systems and Off-grid systems to African based firm.
  • We also have a fabrication facility to fabricate & assemble solar mounting structures
  • Major & Existing business from Railway Contractors and we are serving to Exporter-to-Africa, Rooftop solar PV segment under subsidy schemes.
  • We also have Engineering Expertise to take up Solar EPC Projects - mainly Hybrid system implementations
  • We are working on Solar thermal area - in giving process heat requirements to Industries using Concentrated Solar Thermal technologies. 

Our Products & Solutions

  1. Solar PV Off-Grid / Grid-tied solutions under Net-metering scheme, Government of Telangana

  2. Solar Water Heating solutions (500 LPD & above for commercial applications)

  3. Solar Water Heating solutions for domestic applications

  4. High frequency / Industrial / Office purpose UPS systems (5 KVA & above)

  5. Solar street lights / Lanterns.

  6. Energy Efficiency & LED Systems

  7. Energy Monitoring & management solutions

  8. Hybrid energy solutions ( Wind-Solar-Diesel Based Mini and Microgrid solutions)

  9. Solar Thermal Engineering application projects such as solar steam generation systems, process heat generation through solar thermal technology.

Other Solutions where we can be part of:

  • Energy conservation measures
  • Waste heat recovery techniques & consultancy
  • Green building norms and renewable energy addition to Green building projects
  • Advanced solar control glass for Single Glazing Application
  • Research on Waste to energy conversion techniques
  • Biogas power generation design up to 100 kW