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AltF9 is a company that was founded in 2018 with the aim of providing assistance to businesses in their digital transformation journey. The company specializes in providing solutions in several areas including unified communication, office productivity, modern workspace, and cloud computing. The goal is to help businesses improve their operations and increase efficiency by leveraging digital technology.

Unified communication is an essential aspect of any modern business, and AltF9 provides solutions to help companies achieve this. The company offers services like video conferencing, instant messaging, and collaboration tools to enable teams to communicate effectively and work together seamlessly.

Office productivity is also a critical aspect of any business, and AltF9 offers solutions that can help companies optimize their office productivity. The company provides software solutions like Microsoft Office and other productivity tools that can help businesses streamline their workflow and increase productivity.

Modern workspace is another area that AltF9 specializes in. The company helps businesses create modern workspaces that are conducive to creativity and innovation. AltF9 provides solutions like virtual desktops, workspace analytics, and workspace management tools to help businesses create a productive and efficient workspace.

Cloud computing is an essential technology for modern businesses, and AltF9 provides cloud solutions to help businesses take advantage of this technology. The company offers cloud services like data storage, backup and disaster recovery, and cloud hosting to enable businesses to run their operations in the cloud.

Apart from providing solutions, AltF9 also offers managed services, backup and disaster recovery, and security services to ensure that businesses are protected against any potential threats. The company works with 50+ clients from 10 countries and is committed to providing high-quality services to help businesses achieve their digital transformation goals.


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