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CHARON Technology Solution Pvt. Ltd.

“We go beyond Engineering”

An ISO 9001: 2015 and AS9100D-2016 Certificate of Compliance company lead by the two decades of experienced professionals in defense and non-defense industry segments to be the preferred service provider for design, development and manufacturing activities in the segment of Avionics, Automation and Control Systems, Medicals, Renewable Energy and Electronics.

We constantly and consciously strive to improve our standards of performance with sustainable innovation, cost optimization and absolute resource utilization for the benefit of all associated stakeholders.

We provide complete solutions to all our customers - from the product and concept development with complete in-house design capability & global engineering support to manufacturing and aftersales services.

Our vertical integration supports its customers with increased content and capabilities, components manufacturing, testing & validation and production engineering as well as enterprise production planning systems.

CHARON Technology Solution Pvt. Ltd. has always been a value-driven company. Our values reflect the way we run our business with professional ethics in dealing with our business partners, employees and society.

Our Services & Products...


Cable Harness requirements for the manufacture of cable, wire and harness assemblies. The standard describes materials, methods, tests and acceptability criteria for producing crimped, mechanically secured and soldered interconnections, and the related assembly activities (corresponding lacing/restraining criteria) associated with cable and harness assemblies. Any method that produces an assembly conforming to the acceptability requirements per IPC/WHMA-A-620B standards.

  1. Sophisticated Cable Assemblies
  2. Rugged Custom Cable Harness Assemblies
  3. Chassis Wiring and Assembly
  4. FLAT Ribbon Cable Assembly
  5. RF Broadband Cable Assembly
  6. Multi-Conductor Cable Applications
  7. Semi-Rigid and Semi-flexible RF Cable Assemblies
  8. Rugged Fiber Optics Cable Assembly.


ØManufacturing Capability and Specifications:

  1. Lean Manufacturing Process
  2. Poke-Yoke – Mistake Proofing
  3. Testing Facility in-house
  4. Heat Shrinkable Sleeves Printing
  5. IPC 620C Certified Engineers
  6. Rapid Prototyping
  7. 100% Quality Test

ØOur specific system assembly offerings include:

  1. Build-to-order and configure-to-order (BTO & CTO).
  2. Custom production process design.
  3. Custom tooling and fixtures.
  4. Design and engineering for mechanical components (injection molding, die casting, etc.).

Final packaging design.

vController/Dimmer Panel Assemblies and ITA/UUT Box Building Assemblies.

In addition to printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), we provide box build integration assembly for sub- systems and modules as well as for full product integration. Through our network of preferred suppliers, we support you from A to Z, from the quotation to the mass production stage of your project. Teams at the service of your product are key ingredients to enter markets seamlessly.

As a vertically integrated contract manufacturer with the capability of producing all the major sub- assembly components (sheet metal/enclosures, finishing, PCB assembly, cable assembly and electromechanical assembly), we can provide one of the more competitive contract manufacturing cost models in the industry today.

Our network of manufacturing locations enables a full range of sub-assembly, box-build and final system integration solutions. Our manufacturing processes are designed and configured according to each customer and product, ensuring that our capabilities suit your needs, while the tight integration of the entire production process maximizes flexibility, lowers cost, and reduces time to market.


beyond cable harness manufacturing in integrating it with sub- systems such as relay boxes, power supply, switching units etc. often a high value- add service to customers.

  1. 4U/6U rugged Industrial Servers up to 16slots.

Our custom-made rugged servers and workstations deliver high-performance computing, data storage and cyber protection for seamless, real-time communications and networking for all industrial applications extending our services to repair and maintenance.

vSupply & Sourcing of Product Ranges

  1. Mil Grade Circular Connectors, Backshell and Accessories.
  2. Mill-Spec-Hybrid Connectors.
  3. D-Sub Connectors, Strain reliefs/Hoods.
  4. All Types RF Coaxial Connectors and Accessories.
  5. All types of RF/RIGID Coaxial Cables.
  6. Mil Grade/LCSO approved PTFE Single Core/Multi Core wires.
  7. FLAT Ribbon Cables and Accessories.
  8. Network Cables and Accessories.
  9. Optic Fiber Cables and Accessories.
  10. Rack Mount Cable Managers/Trays/Drag Chain wires Carriers
  11. Rack/Desk Mount Mounting arms.
  12. Audio/Video Signal Cable Assemblies.



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