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IOUX Digital India Ease of Doing Business Modules






Includes the following Services







Contract Execution, Management & Monitoring System

  • End-to-End Online Agreement Creation, Execution, Management & Enforcement
  • eKYC authentication of parties (i.e confirmation of the identity details by PAN or Aadhaar number/Bank Account Number)
  • Creation of Smart Templates as per the Document text provided by the client
  • Facility to online purchase eStamp Paper for the Contract
  • eSigning facility by all Parties using NSDL e-Gov system which is Government Approved, without using any hardware or dongle.
  • Optional Video KYC with customized confirmation recording as per text provided by client.
  • Digital Document Execution (DDE) Report by an advocate confirming proper execution of each contract.
  • eStorage facility of Documents for 5 Years
  • Dedicated Person for Guiding the Online Execution Process

Price: Rs 520/-

NSIC Concessional Price: Rs 390/-





Digital Identification, Verification & Execution System for persons and entities

  • eKYC verification & authentication of Persons and Entities like trainees, workers, guards, employees, supervisors, etc. and Entities like buyers, vendors, creditors and other counterparties through: Voter-ID, Aadhaar Card, Driving License, PAN, Bank Account, etc.

Price: Rs 299/-

NSIC Concessional Price: Rs 225/-





Safe & Prompt Execution of Electronic Documents 

  • Facility to upload pre- prepared specific Documents/Agreements.
  • eSigning facility by all Parties using NSDL e-Gov system which is Government Approved, without using any hardware or dongle
  • Facility to online purchase eStamp Paper for the Contract

Price: Rs 200/-

NSIC Concessional Price: Rs 150/-





Confirm Receipt for Electronic Delivery of Invoices & Trade Bills



  • Facility to upload prepared Invoice against sale of goods or services
  • Facility to optionally use IOUX Master Credit Agreement for confirmation of credit & other terms with buyers and generate online Bill of Exchange
  • eSigning facility for Invoices & Bills without using any hardware or dongle

Price: Rs 80/-

NSIC Concessional Price: Rs 60/-


  • • Use IOUX’s Legally vetted Agreement, Affidavit, and other Legal / Statutory & Business Document samples|
  • • Get your Customised commonly used Documents Smart Templated for Instant use
  • • Authentication of Buyers / Sellers or any other person by Online eKYC (Aadhaar or PAN-based - Business or Individual Verification)
  • • Digital facility to confirm Invoices & Trade Bills for their timely payment
  • • Optional Authentication and Video Recording of Commitment by any person with a Video-KYC feature
  • • eStamp Paper available across the country, affixed on your Document / Agreement
  • • Instant e-Sign from Web / Mobile App with Legal Validity
  • • Digital Document Execution (DDE) Legal Report as Evidence of Execution
  • • Online Storage & Management of Documents / Agreements
  • • Corporate Account with Multiple Locations / Authorised Persons under a Super-User
  • • Toll-Free Number for Support - 1800-274-8822
  • • 24*7 Access IOUX from the Web or Mobile App
  • •IOUX’s Patented end-to-end Smart Contracting solution offers great Ease of Use & Efficiency

*India’s No.1 Online Platform with Patented Technology for verification and Digital Contract, Execution, Management & Monitoring

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