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Street Address: 1st Floor, Above PNB, Indira Colony,, Rahon Road, 1st Floor, Above PNB, Rahon, Ludhiana


Province/State: Punjab

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Chemicals Manufacturer

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector


Office Location: Punjab

We welcome you to the latest and updated website at www.labogens.in 2013 - 2014. The information available on this website is the result of the hard work of the LABOGENS Team in understanding and providing the requirements of various users around the globe under one single roof.

At LABOGENS we are not satisfied with a brilliant history, but in addition with our work we have placed the Company In a very competitive position for the years to follow.

LABOGENS has been evolving its organization and the profile of the team so as to be able to respond to the times ahead of us. In the last few months we have fine-tuned a new Sales & Marketing organization that is already reaping rewards globally. The commercial organization has also made a significant effort along the road to systemizing its tasks. We now have a more agile Service and Planning Department (as a result of the reorganization and introduction of the new ERP system) and all of this to look after the needs of our customers with the maximum efficiency and thoroughness.

Finally we have to highlight the fact that the amazing progress of LABOGENS would not have been possible without the enthusiasm of all those who make up the LABOGENS Team and whose daily efforts contribute towards, making, LABOGENS a reference in the market of Reagents.

Thanking you,

Sanjeev Verma