Birdman, established in the Year 1961 as a Partnership Firm, Trading in Transmission Line Hardware and Tools, was incorporated as a Private Limited Company in the Year 1972 and started its manufacturing activities in the same year.

Birdman is Pioneer in manufacturing Dynamometer in the Country as an import substitute product. Within a year of commencement of production, it came out with complete range of Transmission Line Erection Tools viz, Hyd. Compressors for Crimping ACSR, AAAC, AAC and Copper Conductors, Hyd. Crimper, Hyd. Cutters, Dynamometers / Tensometer for tensioning conductors etc. Immediately thereafter, Birdman introduced Power Operated (Diesel / Electric) Hyd. Compressors for use in up to 400 KV Transmission Line. Birdman’s next innovation has been Digital Electronic Dynamometer.

Birdman specializes in manufacturing Hydraulic and Mechanical Load Cells, Hollow Load Cells, Bearing Extractors etc. For Mines, Birdman makes Mining Load Cells, Roof Bolt Testing Devices, Roof Stitching & Jointing Machines. Birdman’s products in the Brand name of 'YOTA' have ruled the Indian market for over 4 Decades. Trusted YOTA products are known for its durability, accuracy, quality and performance all over the Country. State Electricity Boards, NTPC, Most of the PSU’s, Railways, DGS&D, DGNP, Port Trusts and Shipyards are some of Birdman's valued customers who feel safe and are comfortable with YOTA range of products.

Recently, Birdman has developed Load Testing Machine for Testing 25 KV Porcelain & Composite Insulators meticulously following the R.D.S.O. recommended specifications.

Latest in Birdman’s armoury is Digital Electronic Dynamometers.The next innovation of Birdman is going to be a dedicated Bearing Mounting & Fixing Device, specially designed for Indian Railways.

Birdman has In-House Testing and Calibration facilities. German Make Universal Testing Machine WMW, installed in its factory, having 4 scale of measurement i.e. 0 – 10t, 0 – 20t, 0 – 40t & 0 – 100t, the Calibration Results of which conforms to Industrial Grade I as per IS 1828 (Pt. – D991) in respect of Repeatability and Error. Machine Accuracy is authenticated and approved by RTC (ER), Govt. of India.

Birdman has earned this reputation, faith and trust of the Industry through years’ of persistent, qualitative and honest Endeavour of excelling the bench mark. Birdman is continuously striving to improve its product quality and performance.

Birdman exported its products to Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Libya, Ethiopia and UAE. Nevertheless, Birdman survives on the support and patronage of its valued clients.

YOTA is a trusted Brand Name serving the Industry since 1961.

ISO Certification..........

ISO : 9001:2015

Manufacture and supply of load & tension measuring devices & hydraulic tools.Certificate No : 10012-QMS-1012

R.D.S.O Approval Certificate..........

Approved vendor of R.D.S.O. for manufacture and supply of Load Testing Machine for Testing 25 KV Porcelain & Composite Insulators. Certificate No : 10012-QMS-1012

Quality Policy..........

We are committed to manufacture quality products, continue with up gradation of technology, equipment and performance, provide quality service to our customers based on Human Values and Ethics, and shall strive to be in constant touch with our Customers to get feedback of quality and performance of our equipments in an effort to excel.

Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement shall be our first priority.

Mission Statement..........

To be the leading company for producing and catering to the needs of Tensile testing & measuring of load bearing capacity of Industrial Testing machines and Lifters, embracing latest technology to continuously re-invent our offerings, services and processes. To be transparent and fair to all our stake holders. 

Vission Statement..........

To be the most trusted and innovative Load Testing & Measuring Equipment manufacturing company in India.

In – House Testing Facilities..........

  • Testing and Calibration facilities through a German Make Universal Testing Machine WMW, having 4 scale of measurement i.e. 0 – 10t, 0 – 20t, 0 – 40t & 0 – 100t, installed at our factory.
  • Calibration Results conforms to Industrial Grade I as per IS 1828 (Pt. – D991) in respect of Repeatability and Error.
  • Machine Accuracy is authenticated and approved by RTC (ER), Govt. of India.
  • Calibration is authenticated every year by MSME Authorities.
  • Various types of sophisticated physical and chemical testing & measuring tools and equipments.
  • Hardness Testing machine and Heat Treatment furnaces installed.

List of some of our Valued Customers..........

  • All Indian Railways
  • All India Railway Electrification
    E. Rly, S. Rly, S.E. Rly, N. E. Rly, N.F. Rly, E. C. Rly, N. C. Rly, N. Rly, W. Rly, W. C. Rly, C. Rly, S. C. Rly, S. E. C. Rly, etc
  • All State Electricity Boards / Distribution Companies
  • Power Grid Units
  • National Thermal Power Corporation ( NTPC ), N. H. E. P. C, CESC
  • Dockyards, MDL, GRSE
  • Shipyards – HSL, B. H. P. V
  • Ship Repairers
  • Port Trusts – BPT, CPT, TPT, MPT, NPT
  • Crane manufacturers and Testing companies.
  • Tata Power, TISCO, TELCO
  • L & T, EMC, SAE
  • Steel Authority India Limited, YSP, DSP, DPL, RSP
  • Ordance Factories – DRDO, DGNP, BARC, HAL
  • Mines – BCCL, HCL, ECL, WCFL.
  • Research Centre – IIT, BHU, BARC, ISRO
  • Various Private Clients & Contractors