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2PU Surgical Private Limited

Street Address: Plot No G/6/1 Ground Floor Chandaka IndustrialEstate Patia Bhubaneswar

City: Khorda

Province/State: Orissa

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: We are the leading manufacturer, Exporter, and Distributor of N95, Surgical facemasks, Gloves, Drapes, and all types of surgical disposable products, orthopedic products, and bedding and clothing. Contact +91-7077888777 for any requirements or email us for quotation and inquiry at sales@2pu.in.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

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Office Location: Orissa

2PU N95 High Quality 5 layered Face Mask - BIS Certified - White Color - Light Weight - Nosepin - Earloop (Packaged)
  • Lead Id: LIDNFM2PU001
  • Category: Mask
  • Keywords: N95 face mask, certified face mask, 5layers mask, premium mask, white color mask, bis certified mask, government approved mask, hospital mask
  • Other Details: High-quality materials are used we are using materials like Meltblown, Hot air cotton, and spun bond. Inner nose pin with adjustable aluminum wire inside gives you a more comfortable experience Waterproof N95 face mask


5Ply Protection - Every layer is special to provide an extra filtering protection Premium Quality - Made from Nonwoven + Meltblown + Hot Air Nonwoven fabric Adjustable Nose Strap - Doesn't matter if you got a big watermelon head or tiny strawberry one, the adjustable nose strap helps fit all heads 3D shape designed face mask with ISI logo print. Outer stitches make mask more beautiful Fit to any type of face This mask is for Unisex Made In India with the latest technology Individual packing which ensure mask more safety Completely sterilize the face mask Mask is made with a fully automatic machine so side stitches are also so stylish. Lucrative packing with green color, even in traveling you can take this. lightweight face mask The adjustable nosepin makes this mask more comfortable An elastic earloop is also there to fit any type of face.