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BalaJi Microtechnologies Pvt.Ltd

Street Address: D-2/20, DLF,SECTOR--10


Province/State: Haryana

Country: India

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Business Details: BalaJi MicroTechnologies is registered in India under Indian companies’ act 1955. We are part of “B.B. Group of companies”. We are self-financed and privately held company. "We are specialized in imaging technology. We are the premier designer and leading supplier of high-performance imaging systems and other imaging components for wide variety of applications. Our company core interest lies in security/surveillance, Industrial/machine vision and medical imaging domain." BalaJi MicroTechnologies has seen tremendous growth over the years and recognize as one of the leading and fastest growing company in our market domain.

Business Type: NA

Keywords: We are specialized in CCD/CMOS Cameras, USB Cameras, Smart Cameras, Industrial Camera, Custom Camera development, FrameGrabbers, CCD/CMOS image sensors, MachineVision cameras, 3d cameras, Scientific & Astronomy cameras, CameraLink Cameras, GigE Cameras, Digital Radiography cameras, Microscopy cameras, X-ray & Medical imagingcameras etc.

Office Location: Haryana

35mm mega pixel camera lens
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35 MM FA/MEGA PIXEL LENS—BALAJI OPTICS INDIA” BalaJi MicroTechnologies, India is pleased to introduce “35 MM FA/MEGA PIXEL LENS” for wide range of Factory automation & Machine Vision applications. With strong in-house R&D & design efforts, we are happy to introduce 35 MM 2/3" imager format Mega-Pixel camera lens series under our brand name "BALAJI OPTICS" A trademark of BalaJi MicroTechnologies. A wholly owned proprietary product range of “BalaJi MicroTechnologies”. The most crucial quality factor of a lens is its ability to capture clear images through a combination of resolving power and contrast. BalaJi MicroTechnologies has broad portfolio of Machine Vision lenses which are designed to provide optimal imaging performance for a wide variety of applications using CCD/CMOS imaging sensors. Our FA/Machine Vision lenses are designed and built using modern technologies and precision manufacturing techniques, thus produce images with superb contrast trusted by clients from all over the industry. Model No.: BMT-1435D Brief Technical Review : 1.5 MP Mega Pixel Lens 35 MM Focal Length F# 1.4, 2/3” Format, C-Mount, Manual Iris Key Features: 1) High Resolution and High Contrast 2) Low Distortion 3) Bright Images 4) Highly Compact & very cost effective