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Street Address: Plot no.B5, 502, Sambhav IT Park TJSB House Behind Aplab Company wagle Indl Estate MIDC


Province/State: Maharashtra

Country: India

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Business Details: MANUFACTURE

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Boiler Feed Pump High Pressure Pump Centrifugal Pump Multistage Pump Coolant Pump Immersible Pump Jockey Pump Monoblock pump Vertical Turbine CDL

Office Location: Maharashtra

Fire Fighting Pumps And Systems
  • Model No: NISO / NISO-k / DPE / TCM / TCM-Pro / MCC Panel Series
  • Category: Industrial Fire Fighting and Safety Equipments
  • Keywords: Fire fighting pump, End Suction Fire Pump, Sprinkler Pump, Main Hydrant Pump, Jockey Pump, Back pull out fire pump. Diesel Engine Pump, Diesel Engine Driven Pump. Monoblock Fire Pump, Fire Booster Pump, Booster Pump, Terrace Booster Pump. Vertical Turbine Pump, Integrated Panel for fire fighting system, Panel for Fire system.
  • Manufacturer Name: CNP INDIA
  • Packing size: Actual
  • Price: ₹1


A fire pump is a part of a fire sprinkler system's water supply and powered by electric, diesel. The pump intake is either connected to the public underground water supply piping, or a static water source (e.g., tank, reservoir, lake). The pump provides water flow at a higher pressure to the sprinkler system rises and hose standpipes. Fire pumps function either by an electric motor or a diesel engine, or, occasionally a steam turbine. The fire pump starts when the pressure in the fire sprinkler system drops below a threshold. The sprinkler system pressure drops significantly when one or more fire sprinklers are exposed to heat above their design temperature, and opens, releasing water. Alternately, other fire hoses reels or other firefighting connections are opened, causing a pressure drop in the fire fighting main. Main Hydrant Pump / Sprinkler Pumps are of Energy Efficient Motor (SPDP Optimal). These pumps contain option with 2 or 4 pole motor . These are also protected with IP 55. It has back pull out design. Diesel Engine Fire Fighting Pumps has Individual Cylinder Head . It Cools It’s Engine By Integrated Oil Cooler . Thus Engine Has Independent Twin Belt . And Part Important Thing Is automotive Grade Gear Train. M.S. Powder coated, Fire Red Color Powder Coated, Top/Bottom Entry with IP55/IP65 protection as per requirement. Panel standard Gauge thickness 14/16 SWG. Available MOC : Cast Iron Key Features :- CE marked motor. TEFC Motor IE2 with energy efficient motor (SPDP optional). ‘F’ – class insulation and IP 55 Protection. Option with 2 or 4 pole motors. Sealing: Packing rope and oil seal and Standard Gland seal soft packed / Mechanical seal (optional). Performance as per Rated duty or as per NFPA 20 requirement. Also can be supplied in compliance to NFPA20 / IS12469. MAIN INCOMER control is provided with : MCCB / SFU With Rotary Handle Aluminum / Copper Bus bar. R, Y, B Phase Indication Lamp Provision. Digital or Analogue Type Ammeter and Voltmeter. Main Hydrant /Sprinkler /Jockey /Booster control is provided with : Star Delta /D.O.L. starter with Auto – Manual options with single phase preventer Relay. Diesel Engine control parameters are covered as follows : Auto – Manual option. LLOP –Low Level Oil Indication, Engine RPM speed, Engine overheating. Remote start, stop, inputs/commands from remote push button stations. If any one of the fault occurs, the corresponding LED starts flashing and same output is generated on output terminals for remote indications, and it also gives to hooter relay for audio alarm. Hooter is provided on control panel for audio alarm. Input faults can be selected at site. Major Applications :- Standby Diesel Engine Driven Pump for Fire Fighting Systems. Main Fire pump in Fire Fighting for Hydrant / Sprinkler, in Industrial, Commercial and Residential Applications. In Fire Fighting, Terrace booster pump. Water Supply In Fixed Fire Proof System, Municipal Work, In Industrial And Mining Enterprises. Water Treatment System.