Prefab Sewage Treatment Plant
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SAFF (Submerged Aerobic Fixed Film) Waste Water Management - The submerged aerobic fixed film process (SAFF), also famous as tricking filters, comprises of specifically prepared artificial media that assist in attachment of fixed film growth of the microorganisms. The aerobic ambiance in the SAFF reactor is accomplished by making use of fine bubble diffused aeration that also works to maintain liquid in a totally mixed regime. Biological expansion on the media surface of trickling filters facilitates the transformation of suspended organic waste material into by-products such as nitrates, carbon dioxide, water and biological solids which are later eliminated through cleaning process. MBBR / FAB - Treatment of effluents having micro organisms manufactured as biofilms on biochips in an aeration tank in order to minimize the contaminant load (COD/BOD) in a Secondary Treatment process is known as Moving Bed Biofilm Technology. Owing to the provision of large surface area through biochip the micro organisms won’t come out easily from the system and they build up biofilms on the carrier element/biochip to conveniently degrade the organic material and to trim down the pollutants (COD/BOD) load. The biofilm carrier elements are kept suspended in the water by air with the help of diffusers in the aerobic reactors, and via a mixer in the reactors. The fluidized aerobic bioreactor (FAB) is developed on the concept of suspended growth along with attached growth processes. The media has certain gravity below of water. Hydraulic currents invigorated by aeration assist in fluidization of the media.