Reverse Osmosis Plant
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Owing to our remarkable efforts, we have positioned ourselves as a reliable manufacturer and exporter of a comprehensive range of Reverse Osmosis Plant. The plant is designed and developed using latest technology to come up with most advanced and functionally superior product that attracts huge demand from the market. We manufacture the range using high grade materials to ensure optimum operational efficiency in purifying water by removing the impurities through reverse osmosis process. The Reverse Osmosis Plant is offered at industry leading prices to the customers. Features: Uninterrupted and precise performance Anti-corrosive surface Long functional life Some more Details: Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a membrane-technology filtration technique which eliminates several kinds of large ions and molecules from solutions by exerting pressure to the solution while it is on one side of a chosen membrane. In the general osmosis process, the solvent characteristically shifts from an area of low solute concentration (High Water Potential), through a membrane to an area of high solute concentration (Low Water Potential). The shifting of a pure solvent to even out solute concentrations on either side of a membrane produces osmotic pressure. Through the application of an external pressure to facilitate the reversal of the natural flow of pure solvent, therefore, is reverse osmosis method. Applications: Demineralization of water having good concentration of dissolved solids In DM plant where dissolved solids are on higher side Recycling and Reuse of Wastewater Potable water for domestic and industrial usage Ultrapure water production for electronic industry