Online Library Management Software
  • Model No: adcsd04
  • Category: Software
  • Keywords: Online Library Management Software
  • Manufacturer Name: ADCSD
  • Packing size: 1 Gb
  • Price: ₹45,000


ADCSD Online Library Management Software It is dektop based library management software to manage library, book shops and etc. It covers all features including barcode of books, search books, fee management, rental and accounting. Features:- 1.Category 2.Sub Category 3.Library Fine 4.Publisher/Supplier 5.Books 6.Issue/Return Books (Students) 7.Issue/Return Books (Staff) 8.All Books 9.Book Availability 10.Student Report 11.Staff Report 12.Book Issued to Students 13.Book Issued to Staff 14.All Fines 15.Book Analysis