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Benn Electricals Private Limited

Street Address: Plot No. A-5, MIDC - Mira, Off. Western Express Highway, Mira, Thane District, Maharashtra 401107


Province/State: Maharashtra

Country: India

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Business Details: Design & Manufacturing

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Electric Motors, Electric Generators, Control Panels, Battery Operated Motors, Traction Motors, Low Voltage Motors, Electric Vehicle Motors

Office Location: Maharashtra

Solid Yoke DC Motors for the Process Industry
  • Category: Electric Motors and Engines
  • Keywords: DC Motors, TEFC, Totally-Enclosed Fan Cooled, TENC, Totally Enclosed Naturally Cooled, Self-Fan cooled Motors, Solid Yoke Motors, Motor for Process Industry
  • Manufacturer Name: Benn Electricals Private Limited
  • Packing size: Varies with every motor. Prices listed are approximate
  • Price: ₹20,000


We offer motors with several cooling arrangements. The choice of cooling arrangement depends on several factors such as - Duty and the environment where the motor is to be installed. SELF FAN COOLED DC MOTORS Self fan cooled motors have an internal cooling fan affixed on the motor shaft. Considering the speed rotation has a bearing on the effectiveness of the cooling, it is not recommended to run these motors below 80% of their rated speed for extended periods. FORCE COOLED DC MOTORS: Motors used for variable speed drives normally run in the speed range of 1:20 (by armature control) & are therefore cooled by a separate unit mounted on the motor. Typically, this unit consists of fan (blower), driven by a single or three phase AC motor which runs at a constant speed thus delivering a constant rate of cooling irrespective of the speed of the main DC motor. TOTALLY ENCLOSED DC MOTORS: Totally enclosed motors are recommended for installation in dusty and highly humid environments. These enclosures eliminate direct contact between the internal air (within the motor) and the external atmosphere, thus providing protection. Totally enclosed motors with several cooling arrangements are manufactured by us. GEARED DC MOTORS: DC motors with worm reduction or inline helical gear boxes directly mounted on the motor flange. BRAKE MOTORS: DC motors with an electromagnetic fail safe brake mounted on motor shaft at the non-drive end to instantaneously stop the motor when the supply is cut off. Output Range: 0.18 kW to 75 kW Frame Size: 80 to 280 Voltage: 12 to 500 V (dependent on client’s requirements) Protection: IP 21 / IP 22 / IP 44 / IP 54 / IP 55 Mounting: B3 / B5 / B14 / B35 / B34 / V1 Cooling: IC 01 / IC 06 / IC 410 / IC 411 / IC 416 Excitation: Shunt / Series / Compound