Pop Pop Boat
  • Model No: SARTSPOP
  • Category: Scarves Stoles Pareos and Made ups
  • Keywords: Pop Pop Boat, toy boat, tin boat, educational game, educational toy, Shivam Arts Boat
  • Manufacturer Name: www.shivamarts.in
  • Packing size: Individual Box Packing of Each Boat, Master Pack of 300 pcs
  • Price: ₹50


A pop pop boat is a toy with a very simple steam engine with moving parts, typically powered by a candle or vegetable oil burner.. A pop pop boat is powered by a very simple heat engine. This engine consists of a small boiler, which is connected to an exhaust tube. When heat is applied to the boiler, water in the boiler flashes into steam. The expanding steam pushes some of the water in the exhaust tube, propelling the boat forward. The steam bubble then condenses, creating a vacuum which draws water back in through the exhaust tube. The cooled water that is brought back into the boiler is then heated and flashed into steam, and the cycle repeats. This constant flashing and cooling cycle of the engine creates the distinctive "pop pop" noise for which the boat is named. Backed by talented professionals, we manufacture, export and supply a remarkable assortment of Pop Pop Boat. This is specially designed by some of the veteran designers using quality tested materials and latest market research works. This Pop Pop Boat can be availed at budget friendly in variuos models. Apart from this, some of the features of the offered range are provided below: Supported link: https://youtu.be/GKDcsNLgU_s