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Geopure Aqua Technologies India Private Limited

Street Address: No.3,Railway Station Road,Sri Sakthi Nagar, Annanur,

City: Chennai

Province/State: Tamil Nadu

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Water Treatment Plants, Chemicals and FRP Cooling Towers Manufacturers in Chennai

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Reverse Osmosis System, Membrane Chemicals Antiscalant, FRP Cooling Towers and Spares

Office Location: Tamil Nadu

Odor Controller for STP
  • Model No: Geofloc 400
  • Category: Non Ferric Alum
  • Keywords: sewage water treatment chemicals odor controller odor eliminator
  • Manufacturer Name: Geopure Aqua Technologies
  • Packing size: 1 KG Aluminum Foil Pack
  • Price: ₹750


Geofloc 400 is combination of microorganisms, enzymes and organic compounds for Sewage Water Treatment. Geofloc 400 helps to remove foul smelling Sulphur components in sewage. Geofloc 400 also reduce the level of pathogens in STP Tank. Geofloc 400 is biodegradable product hence degrades the sewage ecofriendly. Product Benefits: Eliminates all kind of bad odor & sulphides.. Oxidizes all organic & inorganic compounds. Reduce BOD & COD in sewage water. Developes MLSS. Developes Aerobic Microbes. Safe to environment. Easy to handly. Reduces blower operation time and helps to save electricity.