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Street Address: Gajanan Colony, Angur Bagicha RoadNear maruti apartment, Gondia


Province/State: Maharashtra

Country: India

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Business Details: We are Information technology (IT) based private limited company specialized in website designing, web applications, software development and e-commerce solutions. Whatever the idea of your business, we will breath some life into it by taking it to the online and you will get absolutely stunning results from it.

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: Website Designing, Software Development, E-commerce Solutions, Web Applications, Wordpress websites

Office Location: Maharashtra

  • Category: Software
  • Keywords: Messenger software, Java Streams and sockets
  • Manufacturer Name: Trupti IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Packing size: 21 MB
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Created Instant messaging program with sockets and streams using java programming language Detailed description for creating messenger: Write code for two programs one sits on first communicating entity (computer) and other sits on second. Run the 'server.java' on your computer. In this 'server.java' first build GUI(Graphics User Interface) for Instant messenger. After that set up the server and wait for a connection. After connected to someone we need to set up the streams or pathways from/to other computer by using setUpStream() method. Then get stream to send and receieve the data. After that start doing conversation. Once you done chatting you need to closed down the streams and sockets. Meanwhile we code for how to send the messeges and display the messages in the chat window, Giving the user permission to type. Made new class 'ServerTest.java' that used for testing server side portion of application. Run the complete program then you get the pop up window of messenger displying 'waiting for someone to connect'and we are not able to type the message. So we need to build another program having class 'Client.java' that very similar to previous one but instead of server this program is sits on client side. Once we set up this program then we gonna have connection, client and start talking to one another.