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Jaaji Software Technologies Private Limited

Street Address: Near Marrichettu, Mangamuru road

City: Ongole

Province/State: Andhra Pradesh

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: We provide following Industry 4.0 Digital Solutions, 1.Manufacturing Information & Operational Intelligence - MIS 2.Energy Management System - EMS & ABT 3.Remote Monitoring - IIOT & Cloud 4.Digital Operations Logbook - elogbook 5.Mobile Apps for Real-time Manufacturing Information 6.Analyser Maintenance & Monitoring System - AMADAS 7.Cloud-based Asset Monitoring System - APM 8.Remote Oil Well Monitoring System 9.Performance Monitoring and Data Analytics - PMS 10.Digitalization of Shopfloor - MES

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: ABT & Energy Management System,IIOT,Cloud, Dashboards, Reports, Historian, e-logbook,Remote Monitoring System, Analyser Management System,SCADA,PLC,DCS,MES

Office Location: Andhra Pradesh

inSis Furnace Performance Monitoring System
  • Category: Industrial Automation
  • Keywords: Furnace Monitoring, Furnace Performance Monitoring System
  • Manufacturer Name: Manufacturer and Service Provider
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹200,000


inSis Suite: Furnace Monitoring System inSis Suite from Jaaji Technologies offers a wide range of analytics for manufacturing companies across multiple sectors. Furnace Monitoring System is a sub module of inSis Energy Management System module •Provides real-time performance of boilers, furnaces, and other energy intensive machines. •Features advanced data analytics to facilitate preemptive and timely action •Incorporates built-in algorithmic engine for complex calculations and provide timely alerts •Offers flexible deployment options to provide optimal Cost of Ownership and high returns on the investment made Benefits of FPMS: 1)Reduce human dependency for data collection and analysis 2)Integrated view of furnace performance 3)Save energy and reduce emissions for greener operations 4)Optimized cost of ownership and faster return on investments 5)Light installation and maintenance