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Extra Weft Handloom

Street Address: Vankar vas 1Hiralaxmi craft park roadAt.po. bhujodiTa. Bhuj


Province/State: Gujarat

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Greetings....!!! This is Mandan Mangariya From Kutch Gujarat.I am individual Weaver Artisan.We have been doing weaving work since last 6 generations.We have 6 family members and 5 out Village family who are involved in this craftmenship. After graduation, I also joined my family Business.We are located in Bhojodi village near Bhuj,And with the tradition we are working for today's world. Mainly we are making kalaCotton yardage, sari, scarf etc. in which we use cotton, Kala cotton, marino wool, silk etc.In which and the identity of the Kutch weave, we have made traditional design using extra-waft. After the earthquake, our business was completely destroyed. So that time my father decided to weave on labor charge and my elder brother also joined.But now keeping in mind the time, I want to turn our business once again.i was started my own label EXTRA WEFT HANDLOOM BHUJODI from last 2 years.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Handloom

Office Location: Gujarat

Kutch desi Sheep wool Blanket
  • Model No: EWH DW 002
  • Category: Blankets
  • Keywords: Blankets, desi, wool, sheep wool, home furnishing, handmade
  • Manufacturer Name: Extra Weft Handloom Bhujodi
  • Packing size: 10 pcs
  • Price: ₹25,500


Exquisite, intricate, vibrant and shimmering are just some of the descriptions that one can use to describe the rich abundance of Kutchi craftwork, in this particular Blanket. The wool is hand-spun, dyed and woven on pit-looms, to create earthy but sophisticated scarves, shawls, blankets and carpets. Products are often subtly embellished with touches of hand weaving. The same traditional motifs are still embroidered on the shawl that are characteristic of the community. The fine cotton has allowed the artisans to create more intricate and colorful designs on the woolen blanket. Weaving of a piece may take days to months, depending upon the intricacy and the newness of the design. A beautiful black soft bhujodi woolen blanket. This handcrafted beauty has been produced in some what same fashion from six centuries. The length of the blanket is 118 inches Width : 100 inches