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City: Surat

Province/State: Gujarat

Country: India

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Business Details: SSM InfoTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides development support for Softwares and SCADA solutions to Industrial clients; and deals with the different brands of products that are the most useful in Industrial Automation and IT. A whole lot of hard work and 18+ years of learning path that makes SSM InfoTech; what it is today. Our customers are associated with us for high quality work and prompt services support. We have constantly raised our benchmark and pushed ourselves harder to stay relevant in the market and surpass customer’s expectations. for more information. . . Please visit https://www.ssminfotech.biz/

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Office Location: Gujarat

Portable gas detector Management System
  • Category: Software
  • Keywords: Industrial Software, customize Solutions, Data Logging system, Xforce, software Development, CMS, Monitoring System, Management system
  • Manufacturer Name: SSM Infotech Solutions Pvt .Ltd.
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹500,000


1. This system is roll based management system as per departmental hierarchy. 2. It shall enable the coordinator to assign by system administrator having a flexible procedure to change coordination time to time. 3. It enable the user to register portable gas detector and submit the details of the fire extinguisher as per monthly, quarterly, three yearly and five yearly with Add, modify, and delete options availability. 4. It provide facility to assign the detectors to the employees or users with a maintenance date while issuing. System provide facility for the user to check due date for calibration of the detector and be capable of generating automatic generation of mail/SMS notification as time line decided to the concern. 5. It automatically send an email to the user while issuing a gas detector. User be able to see the notification about the assignment in their dashboard and accept it. 6. It provide facility to generate maintenance notification in the system stating probable failure and system generate automatic mail/SMS notification to the concern. 7. It provide facility to issue spare detector against maintenance call. Notification shall be generated to the user and replacement be acknowledged by user. 8. It generate time based alert for calibration dates against assigned individual. Three alerts shall be generated, before 30 days, 15 days, and 7 days. After zero date a invalidate certificate shall be generated for specific gas detector having that particular make and serial number allotted to that particular user. 9. It provide role based management of the gas detector. 10. It able to generate customized automated mail as per Plant/Location as and when required. System have capability of generation various customized reports dynamically for each audit and reports be user friendly viewable/printable format. 11. It must provide for proper user authentication and access control mechanisms so as to ensure that only authorized users can access relevant information.