Nano Filler (Wall Putty)
  • Category: Paint and Allied Products
  • Keywords: Wall Putty, Nano Wall Filler, Nano Putty Powder, Putty
  • Manufacturer Name: I-Can Nano
  • Packing size: 40 KGS
  • Price: ₹1


Nanotechnology based Nano Filler (Wall Putty) is complete water based material that is durable, water repellent, crack resistant, UV resistant, fungus/ algae/ bacteria resistant. It also provides thermal insulation. BENEFITS: Outstanding adhesion –by virtue of which it gets embedded in the surface, ability to make surface smooth , impact resistance, resistance to water and anti-bacterial property ,characterize this product. Nano-materials have been used for smooth application & high coverage. It is oil-free (dry/wet) and hence release of oil due to dampness and peel-off of paint on the surface is unlikely to occur. It contains flexible nano-materials, that resist crack formation and so this product can be used as an excellent crack filler material. It is a zero VOC material. FINISH/USAGE: Building interior walls and exterior walls, Crack filler, filler at expansion joints TYPE: Nano water base filler (wall putty) in powder form. COLORS AVAILABLE: white PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 15 square feet per kg approx., depending on roughness and leveling of surface and porosity of the substrate.

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